Why Sell with Inglis Property Macarthur

We believe in giving the best advice to our clients for their situation at that point of their business cycle. We are the truly a “long game” agency where what we advise today can be backed up tomorrow and would rather advise you correctly and for you to not proceed with that sale if it is not right for your needs. We know that by giving honest advice it comes back double and that is why 96% of our business is repeat business. That quick sale today means regrets tomorrow and we know that getting the right buyer for your property means a better result for you as they will pay more than the buyer that is “dragged” to a deal and ensure far less complications to exchange of contracts or leases being signed. The trust gained by advising correctly means that we often achieve better results for our clients than other agencies and our clients know that when we recommend a property for them they often take more notice as we get to know exactly what you are looking for rather than a shallow approach.