Market Information & trends

We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest trends in the market place and asset class at any one time. For example we can give as far back as 30 years + in the commercial property cycle and it is often the trends and cycles of the past that help shape the future of the property market.

For example at that moment we are currently in the upward cycle of commercial property growth which is forecasted by leading commercial strategists to be continuing for the next 2- 3 years, meaning that what you buy today should keep giving value tomorrow.

Industrial: Vacant land is becoming very scarce in the Smeaton grange and this lack of supply has seen growth rates of up to 60 to 70% + within the last 12-18 months such is the demand and short supply. 4-5 years ago industrial land of 2000m2 was selling for as low as $220.00 per m2 + GST equating to $440,000.00 + GST, today if one comes on the market, the market would pay between $350.00 to 370.00 + per m2 equating to $700,000.00 up to $740,000.00 + GST, such is the present demand.

Industrial Building values: As a result of the large price growth in land, there has been upward pressure on rents and capital values as materials also increase in cost.

The demand for small industrial units has exploded in the size category of 200 to 400m2. This has been due to the large influx of residential population growth with the residential construction boom in our southwest region. The smaller size residential land areas in housing estates has seen demand grow for more space for that small business where the home garage has become a storage space for the residents and the smaller width of streets in these estates has meant that trucks either can’t be parked near the home be it for lack of access or covenants restricting such activity.

Together with these factors, a factory unit can separate work and home life and give losts of space for business and even boat, trailer storage that’s not possible elsewhere. Buying a unit for your business is also tax deductible and you actually have an asset at the end rather than rent where you have nothing to show at the end of a 15-30 year business. Then you can decide to become a landlord yourself and rent the place out as superannuation income in retirement.

For specialist industrial advice based on 20 years + local experience, facts and current demand, call our team of industrial experts today.

Commercial office space:

It is the lowest supply available of office space in the Macarthur notably Camden and Narellan business districts for many years. The rise of technology based businesses & “white collar” professional services has seen demand increase in the smaller 1 suite category up to 200m2 plus for larger users. Location to banks & the post office, Internet speed, data cabling and flexible workstation capability plus parking are all essential in today’s office environment. Modern space is in most demand and landlords need to invest in today’s technology and trends to ensure tenants for the longevity of their investment. For expert office space advice backed up by large market share in this category give our team a call.

Bulky goods/Showroom market

Typically users that retail large items and require large areas for display such as whitegoods, outdoor furniture, sporting &lifestyle equipment, electrical & trade supplies.

Typically the right zoning for this type of user is B5 business development and there is usually a larger car parking component required when constructing these types of buildings to enable ample customer car parking.

The residential growth in number of new homes & population has seen high demand for home related products that this category typically offers. Harvey Norman is a great example of a bulky goods retailer who has seen profit growth increase as a result of increased demand.

This area of the market has seen big differences in sale rates & leasing rates depending on the location & services on offer in that development. It is wise to give us a call to go through the best information available to make your decision to sell, buy or lease this category.


Typically this asset class is located on a main street in the centre of town with fringe retail in arcades and walkthrough pedestrian traffic from car parks that support the primary customer flow through these areas. Cafes, fashion retailers & home wares including exposed professional services like real estate agents dominate this type of zoning in our Macarthur area. Often the highest rents and the highest land rates per m2 are achieved in this class and the zonings are typically B2 Local centre and B4 Mixed use.

Retail land values and building rates have continued to increase in line with the commercial growth cycle and although online shopping has hindered some retailers, the smart ones have evolved to type of offering and combine online and bricks and mortar stores to great effect.

Retail Rates vary considerably due to a number of factors however we at Inglis commercial are the market leaders in this class and can advise you closer than any other agency in the area based on large market share with the most recent information at our fingertips.

Development advice:

We pride ourselves on giving the best advice on what type of property class to build and the current demand of particular sizes to ensure that your development goes as successfully as planned. Sizing and pricing is critical and we give advice based on real figures as opposed to overstating the market which may result in you losing lots of money waiting for the dream to happen!

We give conservative advice to do your numbers on the worst case and realistic scenarios to keep your other property safe if it’s being often used as lending security to fund the development. We give advice as if it were us carrying out the development and by doing this we ensure that our clients are informed and the best prepared for the process and any twists and turns along the way are dealt with in an experienced and calm manner as no development is ever perfect!

Planning law changes have meant that in some cases the development may be classified as a complying development allowing much less “Red Tape” by being able to use an accredited A1 Certifier for the approval process. This has cut time considerably and when times money it all counts. Plenty more assistance like this so call our expert team, Inglis commercial.